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City of San Antonio Greenways

Check out the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation website for updated information regarding greenway rides near your area! There, you can also check to see trail closures, scheduled events, and even weather updates.

Whether you're a budding cycling enthusiast or a training racer, these greenways are sure to offer you a fun and exciting ride. 

San Antonio Bikes

The City of San Antonio has an informative website regarding current policies on bike safety, cycling events in the San Antonio area, and news related to the ongoing efforts of making San Antonio more bike-friendly. Here, you will find more maps on popular bike routes near downtown and safe ways to get to and from all of your favorite spots. 

Whether your interested in a short ride, or a nice and easy 20 mile loop, there is a ride for everyone! 

San Antonio B-cycle

Don't have a bike and want to ride? San Antonio B-cycle is an automated bike sharing system intended for short trips and quick adventures around town! But, remember the 30-minute rule! B-cycle is a bike share program, which means we want bikes to be fully utilized by as many riders as possible and available when you want one! Usage fees encourage our riders to park at stations when they are not riding and to dock and undock to reset the clock if they want to continue riding. Keep in mind that B-cycles must be docked within 30 minutes to avoid usage fees ($2 per each additional 30 minute segment). Check out the B-cycle website for more information or download the FREE app to quickly look up and monitor B-station locations and bike availablity.